Tracker – Secure, real time tracking of your jobs

This is a secured service we offer for free with every job. You can watch your job go through our factory as it happens. We do this with a traffic light system of the following headings…

  • Data In
  • Proofed
  • In print
  • Finishing
  • Post

To elaborate on these stages, we have a numbering system of the following …

  1. Very Urgent!
  2. Urgent
  3. Await next service
  4. Normal service
  5. Awaiting print
  6. Low priority
  7. Await supplies by SDP
  8. Await stock from client
  9. Job complete

The advantages of us being able to share this secure service with you is the convenience and ease of logging on & knowing exactly which stage your job is at any time. The confidentiality of the job is kept as you receive your own log in and password so only you & us can see the process of your job.

Inventoria – Easy, real time inventory control

This is another secured real-time system we offer for free with every job. You can check your stock levels of any of your jobs in our factory at any time.

The system is updated after a job is completed, when stock arrives or is despatched and when a stock count is completed, meaning this system is very convenient for you.

Only you (and us) will see your job/s and its inventory as you will be provided with your own username and password.