About Us

The Story behind

SDP was established back in 1990, we are the single stop solution for all your print & mailing requirements. By placing the entire print process in our professional care, we guarantee you will achieve significant cost savings without compromising on quality.

Design & Print can be complicated and often frustrating. It’s a technical business and can result in expensive mistakes. Hidden costs like staff time, storage, stock control and distribution are often underestimated. In short – we increase efficiency and decrease costs. Through our integrated approach, we will give you the optimum print solution for your print needs – whether it’s for a one-off project or as part of a full print audit and review of your materials.

Data Technological advances have revolutionised business intelligence – information that gives marketers greater knowledge of their customers than ever before. It’s opened the route to personalising the customer experience, but it’s also created a new challenge.

The constant flow means data management is a big issue as untidy data can be an expensive and ongoing problem. That’s where our data services come in – helping you to manage your information. We also understand the importance of securing your data and follow stringent processes to match Data Protection demands.

Personalisation Personalised marketing, or 1 to 1 marketing in most cases saves you money & ensures you send the correct message to the right person. It’s a proven fact that the more you personalise your message, the higher the response you will receive.

Whether it’s one membership card or one million poll cards, each run we make is purpose designed and printed to suit your needs.

Fulfilment Our fulfilment services are designed to help you avoid any rainy-day feelings. From One-off marketing campaigns to daily, weekly or monthly runs, they’re all part of our service.

With our leading edge equipment, this means we can automate a huge range of fulfilment tasks, working with a huge range of materials – from traditional paper to polywrap, releasing your staff from tedious, time-wasting tasks like folding and enveloping. Match this with mail sorting & down-stream postal services and it all adds up to lower costs and increased efficiency. Further savings can be made if you are sending mail overseas. Our overseas consolidation service helps realise lower air tariffs and cut your distribution costs.